A head shot of me - a beautiful blond with a coquettish smile

Hello and thank you for checking to see who is behind Horse Sport Destinations. At this point it is only me, Rebecca Berry, and below is a brief pictorial summary of my life. To discover how I came up with the cunning idea for HSD, please visit the About HSD page and all shall be revealed.

About me:

This is how it all started. Not sure what I was thinking outfit wise. It was the 70’s and I was five so…

My red riding outfit
I still love red
english horse riding
The English version


A few years on with wardrobe modifications.

western horse riding
Pentwyn, my western pony.
English riding
Pentwyn, my English pony.


Eventually, I hung up my cowboy hat, kept the hunt cap and labeled myself an event rider.

horses and winning
Dexter looking less than impressed with our win. I believe my harness was detachable.
Horses and winning more
Sinjin and I were the Intermediate Champions of BC. Horrible photo. Good looking horse.

At 29, I moved to Florida to become the oldest working student known to mankind. I didn’t mind though because I wanted to become “someone” in the event world. What I hadn’t realized before moving to Florida, was I would be competing against Olympic gold medalists. Sure I was star struck at first, but then it was just annoying. Winning wasn’t easy.

horses and horse things
My time as a working student. Back in those days we didn't have phones to take photos, therefore I have no photos of me actually working.

I had some personal successes, however. I completed Radnor International Three-Day Event CCI** in 2003 and was then the poster child for Radnor in 2004 and 2006. 

horses and riding and jumping
Zeus and I as the Radnor poster child. Pretty cool.
horses and stress
Radnor 10-minute box. 10-minutes of stress. PC: My mom

In 2005, I ran advanced a few times and in 2007, I found myself on the Canadian National Eventing Talent Squad. I have also groomed at many, many, many events in my life. The Kentucky 3-Day Event CCI**** being the biggest of the bunch.

cross country
Zeus and I running our first advanced. PC: Branam's Photography.
Zeus and I at Poplar place farms
Zeus and I running our second advanced. PC: Shannon Brinkman


Eventually, after much consideration, I made the monumental decision to see what the rest of the world had to offer. I sold my horse and went to Africa where I worked on a horse safari in Zambia and taught riding lessons in Kenya.

riding horse in Zambia
Cape buffalo hind quarters swing from a tree as leopard bait. Not a nice thing to come across. Zambia 2009.
horses in Kenya
Teaching in the Kenyan bush, 2009. PC: Marian Wreford-Smith


Returning from Africa, I moved back to B.C. and enrolled in university as a “mature” student. I had the simple goal of graduating before I turned 45, which I managed, and now hold a Bachelor degree in Journalism.

Bachelor of Journalism diploma
It was worth all the hard work.

Today I am a part-time riding instructor and part-time sport-horse photographer. I spend much of my time coaching at local horse shows or photographing at major North American shows. I get to visit some pretty fantastic horse venues witnessing some of the best horses and riders in the world do what they do best. Michael Jung, Scott Brash or Victor Espinoza, I’ve been lucky enough to see them all and on occasion, stood close to them. There is an endless supply of horse activities happening at any given time in North America and around the world. I want to see and learn as much as I can and I want you to as well.

Michael Jung (GER) being interviewed during the Kentucky 3-day event in Lexington, Kentucky at the Kentucky Horse Park
Michael Jung (GER) during Rolex Kentucky 3-Day Event, 2017.
me during the Kentucky 3-day event in Lexington, Kentucky at the Kentucky Horse Park
Me (CAN) also during Rolex Kentucky 3-Day Event, 2017. PC: Anne Breen
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