Equine Photography
Mighty Fraser Rodeo

As a traveling equine photographer my cameras are my companions. Sometimes, I enjoy sitting back and watching the world unfold in front of me, but within minutes I become antsy. I find myself less annoying if I just take pictures. My inability to sit still and watch means I take hundreds of photos.

I won’t lie, many pictures I take end up in the garbage. They may be out of focus, boring or an experiment gone wrong. Some photos live in limbo with the promise of my coming back to make a decision as to whether they will go on to greatness or end up in the trash. But the ones that past muster you will see on HSD or my Rebecca Berry Photography page. It is always my goal to shift the margin between trash, limbo and useable.

Today I feel the breakdown is this:

30% – “Oh dear.”

50% – “Hmmm.”

20% – “I’m awesome.”

To see more photos that lead me to believe I am a stellar photographer click the photo below and below that are some of the photos used on the HSD site.

More Equine Photography

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