Spruce Meadows – Canada


June 5-9 | June 12-16 | June 25-30 | July 3-7 | September 4-8

Spruce Meadows

Calgary, Alberta

There is no better place in Canada to watch world-class show jumping than Spruce Meadows. They cater to the public as much as they do the horses and riders. There is so much happening during the summer tournaments, you will be spoiled for options. And admission is only $5.00 with free parking. How could you not go?

There are five CSI*5 tournaments throughout the summer and eight smaller horse shows February, March and October. There is always something happening at Spruce Meadows so if you find your self in Calgary you might as well check it out.

The North American tournament (July 3-7) shares dates with the Calgary Stampede (July 5-15), so you can head to Calgary and get a twofer deal. 

Useful Links

Spruce Meadows website – here

Tournament dates – here

Calgary Stampede website – here

July 5-15, 2019

At the foothills of the Rocky Mountains

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